Neck pain can have a dramatic impact on your general well-being and quality of life, but if you’re looking for a solution, osteopathy could be it.

Osteopathy has long been heralded for its ability to treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions, including neck pain—but what does an osteopath do for neck pain? Here we provide some insights into the most common neck pain treatment methods.

Common osteopathic treatment methods for neck pain

Trigger analysis

Osteopathy primarily focuses on physical mobility and movement, however most osteopaths also consider the range of lifestyle and environmental factors which could be underlying causes.

Factors such as your type of work, posture and ergonomics, sleeping position, stress or tension and exercise habits can all contribute to chronic neck pain. Osteopaths will look to make any necessary adjustments to address any underlying causes.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)

OMT (which is akin to manual therapy), typically involves a combination of massage and muscle manipulation designed to increase joint mobility, enhance blood flow to muscle tissues, relieve muscle tension, reduce inflammation and assist the neck to heal.

Directly interacting with the nervous system, OMT helps to restore correct alignment and alleviate pain.

Remedial exercises

Along with OMT performed during appointments, most osteopaths will also recommend a range of remedial exercises including various movements and gentle stretching for you to do at home in between appointments.

The recommended exercises will be customized to treat your individual condition, but will generally aim to build flexibility in the neck area and encourage more movement into your joints.

Complementary treatments

Many osteopaths also combine traditional treatments with a range of other complementary treatments such as cold or heat therapy, hydrotherapy, light therapy, electrotherapy, phonophoresis and bracing or orthotics.