Whether you’re a bodybuilder or you simply want to gain more muscle, peptides can help you optimize muscle growth and reach your goals sooner.

Essential building blocks of proteins, these valuable amino acids have a wide range of applications including treating disease, minimizing inflammation, destroying microbes and even reversing aging—but what are the best peptides for muscle growth?

Best peptides for muscle growth

While various peptides work in different ways, growth hormone secretagogues (GHS) are the most valuable types of peptides for muscle growth as they ultimately stimulate the production of human growth hormone (HGH), which aids muscle growth and helps to reduce body fat.

Some peptides which can assist with muscle growth include:

  • Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRPs) and Hexarelin: Enhances the release of HGH, which supports cell regeneration and muscle and strength gain. Some GHRPs (such as GHRP-6) also release ghrelin, an appetite-stimulating enzyme which is ideal for those needing to increase their calorie intake.
  • Ipamorelin: Similarly to ghrelin, ipamorelin stimulates the release of HGH from the pituitary gland, however it doesn’t have the same appetite-stimulating effects.
  • Follistatin: Allows you to gain muscle at faster-than-normal levels by promoting cell growth (and therefore muscle repair), as well as acting as a myostatin inhibitor.
  • CJC-1295: Increases plasma growth levels, helping to shorten recovery time following high-intensity training sessions. CJC-1295 has also been shown to provide excellent muscle growth benefits when used in combination with Ipamorelin peptides.
  • BPC 157: Possesses excellent healing and regenerative properties that significantly speed up recovery time.
  • IGF-1: A primary mediator of HGH which binds to both insulin receptors and its own receptors to promote all-round better cell growth.
  • Tesamorelin: Another HGH-releasing peptide which also promotes lipolysis (the breakdown of fatty lipids and triglycerides).