Detoxes and fad diets can get you to quickly drop a few pounds, however, they have one fundamental problem—the pounds often soon return.

This is largely because these methods fail to address the underlying or root cause of weight management issues—something which is prompting more people to seek out holistic ways to lose weight.

What is a holistic approach to weight loss?

Unlike traditional weight loss methods which primarily focus on calorie consumption and expulsion, holistic weight loss methods adopt a multifaceted approach to weight loss, considering a much wider range of potential contributing factors.

While a basic ‘calories in, calories out’ approach does have some merit, it fails to address any underlying causes that might be contributing to weight gain or inhibiting weight loss.

Holistic ways to lose weight


Beyond calories alone, holistic approaches to weight loss adopt a more in-depth view of nutrition, also considering the type and quantities of the various macros included in a diet, along with water consumption and fasting patterns to establish better, more sustainable long-term eating habits.

Physical activity

Holistic exercise programs tend to be highly customized to the individual, not only considering any physical limitations which might be preventing an individual from exercising, but also correcting or reworking any ineffective exercise practices. Lifestyle practices

Lifestyle practices such as poor sleep patterns, smoking, alcohol consumption, exposure to environmental pollutants and even our social environment can impact our ability to lose weight—all factors which holistic weight management methods will consider.


Anxiety, depression, our stress levels and even our relationship with food can all influence our ability to lose weight. Holistic medicine often employs psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and even meditation to retrain the brain and replace negative behaviors with positive ones.

Hormonal balances

Holistic medicine will often also investigate if insulin, thyroid, leptin, estrogen, cortisol, progesterone, ghrelin, testosterone, melatonin or glucocorticoids imbalances could be hindering weight loss.