At the crossroads of glamour, skincare expertise, and a passion for beauty, Daphnila Vis has emerged as an ambassador, holding the titles of Mrs Grand Queen Universe 2022 and Mrs Netherlands Universe 2022. Beyond her achievements in beauty pageants, Daphnila has made a significant impact in the beauty industry. Renowned as a Beauty Blogger at ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ and a licensed skincare therapist at Christian Laurent Middle East, she consistently promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Recently, Daphnila shared her experience with the latest truBody treatment, an innovative slimming and body sculpting technology distributed by GriShana. Describing the truBody treatments as a game-changer, Daphnila highlighted that the sessions are not painful, causing only a tingling sensation and mild contraction. During her 15-minute sessions, she utilised the time to relax or catch up on work with her phone.

Daphnila emphasised the complementary nature of the truBody treatment with her regular pilates and padel workouts. According to her, truFlex and truSculpt provide a targeted approach to achieving a fit body, addressing specific areas and muscles that are challenging to reach through conventional exercises. The three treatment modes offered by truBody allow for a personalised experience based on individual fitness levels, shape, and goals, making it a versatile addition to any fitness journey.

When questioned about the capabilities of the truBody device, particularly its Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology, Daphnila shed light on its innovative features. MDS technology strengthens, firms, and tones muscles, providing the equivalent of 54,000 crunches in just a 15-minute session. Daphnila recommended the truFlex treatment as a transformative addition to her beauty routine, available through GriShana, the exclusive distributor of Cutera US.

Her glowing endorsement invites readers to explore this ground-breaking truBody slimming and toning solution at high-end clinics across Dubai. Daphnila, acknowledging the efficiency of the truBody treatment and emphasising the importance of regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a personalised consultation with experts at one of the clinics for a comprehensive and top-notch aesthetic experience.

For those seeking the transformative truBody experience, Daphnila stands as a living example of its efficacy, encouraging everyone to embark on their journey to a more radiant self. Additionally, individuals can connect directly with Daphnila through her blog ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ for personalised skincare information and recommendations to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

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