The pursuit of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is a goal shared by many individuals. With countless workout routines and programs available, it can be challenging to determine which exercises are effective and provide long-term benefits. One popular workout routine gaining attention is the 12-2-30 treadmill workout. In this article, we will analyze the 12-2-30 routine, considering various perspectives and examining the supporting research to determine if it is a good workout.

Understanding the 12-2-30 Treadmill Routine:

The 12-2-30 treadmill routine involves running or brisk walking on a treadmill for a duration of 30 minutes at an incline of 12% and a speed of 2 mph. This routine was popularized by fitness influencer Lauren Giraldo, who claimed that it helped her lose weight and improve cardiovascular endurance.

Understanding the 12-2-30 Treadmill Routine

Benefits of the 12-2-30 Treadmill Routine:

1.Cardiovascular Endurance: According to the American Heart Association, regular cardiovascular exercise can improve heart health, decrease the risk of heart disease, and improve overall endurance . The 12-2-30 routine provides a sustained cardiovascular workout that can contribute to these benefits.

Cardiovascular Endurance

2.Calorie Burn: Running or walking at an incline increases the intensity of the workout, leading to a higher calorie burn. While the specific calorie burn can vary depending on factors such as weight, age, and fitness level, treadmill workouts with an incline are generally more effective in burning calories compared to flat surface workouts .

3.Muscle Engagement: Walking or running on an inclined surface engages more muscles, particularly the glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This increased muscle engagement can lead to improved lower body strength and tone .

Muscle Engagement

Diverse Perspectives on the 12-2-30 Treadmill Routine:

1.Fitness Experts: Some fitness experts argue that the 12-2-30 routine can be a valuable part of a well-rounded workout regimen. The sustained duration and incline help to challenge and improve cardiovascular fitness. However, they suggest combining this routine with other exercises that target different muscle groups to ensure overall strength development .

2.Critics: Certain critics argue that the 12-2-30 routine alone may not provide enough variation and progression to achieve long-term fitness goals. They emphasize the importance of incorporating a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises to achieve a well-balanced workout regimen .


The 12-2-30 treadmill routine offers valuable benefits, such as improved cardiovascular endurance, increased calorie burn, and enhanced lower body strength. However, it’s important to consider integrating a variety of workouts into a comprehensive fitness routine. Supplementing the 12-2-30 routine with strength training, flexibility exercises, and other forms of cardio can provide a well-rounded approach to overall fitness goals.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of a workout routine depends on individual goals, preferences, and fitness levels. Consulting with a professional trainer or healthcare provider can provide personalized guidance to ensure an optimal fitness regimen.


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